Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ya and Grandpa!

Jon's parents came to see us last week! Jon took some great pictures of them with Lucy outside- here is one really nice one. I think Lucy is looking up at the sky and trees, but it looks like she's looking up at Dave, so it's really cute!

The other picture is of us on a walk this week. I think she's looking a little more like a Holt in this one!

Audrey and Ibrahim visit and help with Jon's injury

Audrey and Ibrahim came to visit from California this week. It's been great timing with Jon's shoulder injury last Sunday- by the way, he's having surgery on it next Monday, 6/28. Audrey even mowed the lawn today. She brought us dinner, went grocery shopping, changes diapers, watches Lucy while we go to doctor appointments, washes the dishes, holds the crying Lucy, makes breakfast, etc., etc, and watches and plays with her own little Ibrahim. The only thing is, Jon and I are getting a little too used to the help- I think I should be a little better at this on my own. Audrey, after all, has three children and makes it all look easy. Doesn't she look beautiful with the sleeping Lucy?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Uncle Deno and Aunt Katie visit

So, Katie and
Deno drove down to see us over Memorial Day weekend. They drove the entire thirteen hours from Minnesota, plus awful traffic time in Indiana. We had a great time, and Lucy really enjoyed being held by other people! At dinner one night Jon and Deno were talking about something, and as I looked at Deno, I realized he and Lucy look at lot alike. It's very cute. I'm still hoping for her eyes to stay blue so that at least one of her features looks like me besides her forehead...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The little lamb

In the hospital the nurses told us that Lucy loved a particular 'little lamb swing' that they kept in the nursery. So, after nights without sleep, Jon and I remembered the nurses and their swing. This thing sells for $150 at the store! We found it used on craig's list and she's been in it ever since. The nursery staff could really sell you anything if they mention your baby sleeping in something...